The new Cube Agree C:62 SLT is not just a comfort racer, it is an aerodynamic comfort racer. So do the two elements go together? It’s up to Léon van Bon to find out.
“I have to be honest: Cube has impressed me in recent years. The German brand may have once had a somewhat cheap image, but by now it has grown into an innovative company that makes seriously good bikes. So when I heard that I could test the new Cube Agree C:62, I was immediately curious. It is now in my garage, ready for its first test ride.”
The test ride:
“One of my first rides on the Cube Agree C:62 SLT took place during the fun 3-Rides Festival in Aachen, with beautiful rides through the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Even though the Cube is not extremely eye-catching, it is soon spotted. Everyone is enthusiastic and enjoys seeing it up close for a change.”
“The bike rides wonderfully. The sound of the high rims in the wind make it even more cool. It’s still nice when you feel others in your wheel wondering. I take the turns in the downhill quickly and there too the Cube does what I want. I feel more and more confident on the bike. Even in the fast descents, the bike feels stable and fast. The legs still feel good and I pull on for a while. Of the group of 25, 5 are left. Another short climb. Branch branch branch. Although at first I thought I’d like the handlebars slightly tilted, on reflection they feel fine in my hand. And if I place my hands on the brake levers, I can sit well aero and let my forearms rest on the flat part of the handlebars. After eighty kilometres, the legs slowly start to get tired. Soon after, I am completely empty – and then 50 kilometres is still quite far. After a coke and some sugars, I feel the energy coming back a bit. I look at the Cube and it seems to say, “I’m ready, are we going again?”.