a Vision of Building Great Bikes


CUBE was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Bavaria by Marcus Puerner. It started with importing a small number of bikes to sell in their local area, and soon they were designing bike frames and building bikes with the best components from around the world. The current product portfolio consists of more than 400 different bikes and e-Bikes.

“The advantage that we have compared to some big companies, public companies, is that we do not have to look at shareholders’ value. We can think long term.”

Designed and Engineered
in Germany

At the CUBE headquarters in Germany our dedicated team of engineers continuously seek to improve designs, materials, manufacturing processes. The current production facility (built in 2016) has over 390,000 sq. ft. of floor space, with 500 employees working two assembly lines in two shifts to build over 4,500 bikes and e-bikes a day.

CUBE is aggressively building new production and warehousing facilities in Germany and other European countries to help meet growing demand and reduce supply chain issues.

“CUBE is driven by the aspiration to get the maximum out of every bike. The brand epitomizes ideas that have been developed in-house.”

Real Life Stress Tests

Every CUBE bike undergoes thorough testing in an in-house test lab to check it’s fully capable of handling the type of use it has been designed for. To ensure high quality, each bike is subjected to bumps, hard braking, and load stresses. Every relevant component is exhaustively tested as well– all beyond the legal minimums.

The CUBE Test Standard (CTS) assigns each bike to a category with a specific combination of tests to ensure we get the maximum performance out of every bike. Carbon frames go through their own quality control check before assembly, checking everything is within tolerance.

“Our testing helps us achieve the perfect balance of weight, durability, integration, and design to suit the demands of each use.”

CUBE by the numbers

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million bikes and e-bikes sold annually

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million components per year

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