CUBE has one goal: Make your riding experience better. That’s why, as a key part of its worldwide portfolio of bike models, CUBE offers over 80 e-Bikes models in every cycling category.

CUBE e-Bikes are 100%  “pedal-assist” e-Bikes, or pedalecs, which means they must be pedaled to activate the motor. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops working. CUBE e-Bikes do not have hand throttles like you might find on scooters or other electric bikes.



A CUBE e-Bike takes mountain biking to a new level. Its not just adding power, it’s a whole new riding experience – faster climbs, more trails, longer rides. The perfectly delivered power of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and its eMTB mode introduces a completely new riding sensation.


People are looking for ways to leave their car at home. Whether you are commuting to work or just getting around, a CUBE e-Bike provides the level of mobility, comfort, and speed that makes cycling the obvious choice for economical and sustainable transportation. CUBE has the e-Bike that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.


One of the most enjoyable ways to get where you’re going is on a bicycle. For many, making it even more pleasurable is doing it on the e-Bike. Whether exploring the neighbourhood, visiting friends, or heading to your favourite places, CUBE has a full range of eTouring hybrid bikes to help you smooth the way.


When the graceful exuberance of road cycling meets restrained assistance of ePower. Many cyclists dream about experiencing longer road trips or dismissing the challenge of big climbs. CUBE e-Bikes are designed to make your dreams reality. We have a bike that will expand your range… and open your eyes.

The road ahead isn’t always smooth, so CUBE offers a range of Road and Gravel e-Bikes with the perfect mix of power, geometry and style.


Overcoming Terrain
If insurmountable hills stand between you and where you’d like to cycle, an e-Bike is the answer for you. With 4 modes of assist and the mechanical advantage of multiple gears on the back wheel, you can conquer the rollers with as much, or as little effort as you choose to enjoy.

Increased Physical Fitness
Recent research* in the U.S. found that those who ride e-bikes get more exercise minutes per week than those who ride normal bikes. E-bikers also reported significantly longer trip distances, whether riding and e-bike or conventional bike. Those who switched from public transportation or car trips to using e-bikes for transportation also saw a spike in fitness levels.

If you have the will to venture out but not necessarily the brawn, a CUBE electronic pedal-assist e-Bike will set you on your way. The assist can reduce strain on your legs, back and arms meaning you can ride longer and more often.

The Great Equalizer
Differences in cycling speed will break up a group ride, or a couple’s ride, in short order. Put an e-Bike in the mix and the dynamic shifts dramatically. Everyone can travel at similar speeds with whatever amount of effort they desire. More fun for all.

Comfortable Commuting
No need to arrive at work sweaty from your commute, dial-up the assist for a leisurely ride without compromising speed. Arrive fresh and on time with CUBE e-Bike no sweat solution.

Cruising vs. Training
While the assist is the perfect set up for heads up cruising, it’s also a terrific training tool for head down workouts.  By finessing the amount of pedal-assist and gear selection, you can tune your workload to stay within your aerobic training zone even over difficult climbs.



CUBE has been partnered with Bosch in the development of CUBE e-Bikes for 10 years. Bosch is a leader in e-Bike technology, constantly innovating their power and drive systems for maximum performance and battery life.

The Bosch e-Bike system provides CUBE e-Bikes with five different riding modes to choose from, offering the ideal support profile depending on the application and rider type.

Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for sportive riding
Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off-road and in city traffic
Steady support for long tours
Effective support at maximum efficiency for maximum range
No support, all on-board computer functions are available