Multi-day bikepacking continues to grow in popularity throughout North America. Its described as carrying only the necessities on your bike to comfortably sustain you during your trip over multiple days (yes, that means camp gear). A typical route may be simply doubling up your regular full-day ride, to a week-long adventure into new territory and trails. One thing that’s common on most bikepacking trips is that you’ll see every trail surface you can imagine. It’s the thrill of thrill of riding  the best mountain trails including single track, combined with travelling long distances via gravel roads and rail trails, with everything you need aboard.


CUBE has recognized the need for a bike that’s built for this challenge by introducing the Nuroad Gravel series. Designed with all bikepacking adventures in mind. The Nuroad blends cyclocross ruggedness with road bike alacrity, it’s the perfect tool for nudging the boundaries and exploring a bit further off the beaten track – without compromising on speed.