The SL Road Race FE Wins “Lightweight Touring Bikes” test category in the latest European issue of MY BIKE Magazine (03/2022)


“Out of hiding and into the spotlight: CUBE pulls off a surprise victory Originally designed as a so-called fitness bike – a road bike with straight handlebars – the SL Road FE has a laterally stiff aluminium frame with carbon forks and at this point has achieved the status of “convincing touring machine” after we applied a few tricks we’ve had up our sleeves. The close ratio 2×11 drive train and wide gravel tires make this practical bike an all-rounder for just about any route, whether you’re on asphalt or light off-road terrain, doing lots of uphills or out on the flats. A high-quality lighting system, proprietary mudguards, a rear kickstand and a minimalist, low-mounted rear rack all help to ensure this bike’s usefulness either commuting or touring.”