Electric Bike Review – November 2019

Review Verdict:
“A beautifully styled, well-accessorized, comfortable, wave style step-thru electric bike that’s available in four frame sizes and two happy color options, reinforced frame feels sturdy thanks to thick downtube and reinforcement bar near head tube.”

“Ready for anything with durable plastic fenders, a color-matched full surround chain cover, integrated lights (great headlight, 2 LED rear light), and a rear rack with spring latch, standard tubing, and pannier hangers.”

“Mid-frame battery position keeps weight low and center, just like the motor, which improves stability when riding, premium Bosch drive systems are known for being reliable and smart with built-in shift detection systems, internally geared hub can be shifted at standstill and tends to be very reliable.”

“Basic suspension fork with limited preload adjustability, but it is color matched! Priced higher than many cruisers due to premium parts like grips, saddle, hydraulic disc brakes, and Bosch systems, great dealer support but limited dealer network in the US and Canada”